Recovery of Stolen and Damaged Car for Refugees

by Vasile Motruc
Created 09 May, 2023 | Moldova, Republic of
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This is my story!

My name is Vasile. Since the war in Ukraine started, I started to be a volunteer from the "Jesus Savior" Church in Chisinau, which I attend, and every day I went with other volunteers to the border of Moldova with Ukraine to meet the refugees and help them with guidance, a hot meal and we offered him accommodation.
On 09/30/2022 I was returning with my work colleague after a day of volunteering at the Moldovan Border with Ukraine and I parked the car around 11:30 PM, locked the doors and forgot the key in the door lock, then went home to rest After 01:30 AM, 10/01/2022, I receive a call from the Traffic Police and they tell me that the car is damaged after crashing three other cars! It all happened when a young boy unlocked the car doors and got into it, then crashed two cars on the road and finally crashed the third car, after which he fled the scene. The boy was caught later and now the trial is going on, to which he does not appear. The mandatory insurance recovered the damages of those three cars, but the car, which belongs to the Church, remained destroyed until today.
I am asking for your help to recover the damages caused to this car and so that we can continue to use it in the work of the Church with Refugees.
Thank you very much for your support!

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